Update on Nook Calendar's Pitch Fest Experience

Last week, one of Nook Calendar's Co-Founders, Chad Carlson, pitched to the judges and audience at the SAAS NORTH Conference. It was an incredible opportunity to showcase our calendar app and meet other individuals who share our same pain — calendar apps suck.

If you haven’t yet heard, one of our Co-Founders, Chad Carlson, pitched Nook Calendar at last week’s SAAS NORTH Pitch Fest. We were in great company, pitching alongside companies like BioTwin, CanScan, Click Armor, Hippoc Cognitive Network, Safety Docs Global (congrats on the win!), Shapeshift 3D and Talkatoo.

While we didn’t win the final prize, we won the opportunity to connect with countless individuals who experience our same pain — that calendar apps suck. So, we’re making them better at Nook Calendar. 

Huge thank you to the organizers and judges of this event.

Can’t wait for next year — it’s already on our calendar. 


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