The calendar app that puts people first

Works seamlessly with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Teams, Slack and Zoom


Your trusted and evolved mobile calendar

The calendar hasn't evolved in decades. And it definitely isn’t prepared for the new reality of the hybrid working world. So the former Tungle team, with years of experience in the calendar space, has come together to innovate. 


Creating meeting events on your phone, choosing the best place to take your call and letting your colleagues know your whereabouts for the day shouldn’t be painful. That’s why we created Nook. The first ever people-centric calendar app built for individuals that want to feel connected, engaged, and more productive.


We are rebuilding the calendar from the ground up so that you can take control of your schedule and optimize the way you spend your day.

We put people first

The calendar app that puts your close colleagues at the forefront, so that your decision making always takes your people into consideration. A flexible workspace shouldn’t mean a disorganized team or a lonely office. That’s why Nook puts people first. 


After all, your people and teamwork are vital in making your company thrive. They foster innovation, creativity and make your culture unique and strong. With Nook, you can avoid the confusion and coordination efforts needed to keep your hybrid team connected. We’re not just about the where and when, but more about the who and why. It’s a new way to look at your week and it’s built around what matters most...your people.


Create a smarter work environment

Nook gives business professionals the tools they need to seamlessly coordinate the ins and outs and the comings and goings of their colleagues - all from the Nook calendar app.


And we don’t stop there. Stay tuned for additional updates, advanced analytics and exciting partnerships. We can’t wait to watch your team thrive.


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Nook integrates industry leading services to help you achieve a better way of working.