Learn about recent updates and improvements to Nook Calendar
Who can see my events in Nook Calendar?
The people who have permission to view your events (or if you’re free/busy) in Google and Microsoft calendars can see the same info in Nook Calendar. If that level of visibility skeeves you out, we suggest adjusting your Google Calendar or Microsoft calendar settings.
I’ve got an idea for Nook Calendar! Where can I recommend new features?
We’re always looking for ways to make Nook Calendar better. Feel free to email us directly at with any feedback, feature requests, or if you simply want to vent about your boss—we’re here for you.
Can I invite my entire company to download Nook Calendar?
Are you kidding?! That’s our ideal scenario. Yes, of course. You can get your entire company up and running on Nook Calendar very quickly. Our team would be happy to walk you through the entire process. Please reach out to us here, and we’ll connect you with the right team members (which, for lack of a better term, we call “Nook Geniuses”—please don’t sue us, Apple) to discuss further.
Do you have a web interface to Nook Calendar?
Nook Calendar does not have a web interface… yet. We know that our users want one. We are first focused on building an awesome mobile experience and fine tuning it. Then, we will turn our focus to the web.
Can I get my entire company to use Nook?
Yes, of course. You can get your entire company up and running on Nook Calendar very quickly. Our team would be happy to walk you through how that can be done. Reach out to us here and we’ll connect you with the right person to discuss.
June 7th, 2022
Latest Updates to Nook

Manage Personal Booking Pages on Mobile: You no longer need web to make changes to your scheduling page. Tweak your profile and adjust your availability, meeting duration, buffers, lead time, and other settings directly in-app.

Rich Text Editing: Bold, Italic, Underline, Bullets, and Numbering are the Avengers of formatting. We’ve finally assembled them, so you can create event descriptions that pack a punch. Click Add Notes when creating an event to get started.

Other Scheduling Page Updates: You can now view the email addresses of all event attendees and open scheduling pages outside of the app. We also made it so nobody can accidentally book a proposed meeting time from a date in the past (sorry, you’ll still need a time machine to do that).

May 18th, 2022
Feature Update: Customizable Personal Booking Pages

We got frustrated receiving impersonal meeting scheduling links. So, we're simplifying how you schedule meetings with Nook Calendar's free and customizable personal booking pages. Simply claim your URL, add personal details, set your weekly availability, and share it with contacts, so they can easily pick a time in your calendar, add any guests, and create an event. Now available on mobile and web.

Claim your URL before it's gone!

April 21st, 2022
Feature Update: Paint availability across days

It's now easier than ever to share your selected availability with anyone. Paint anywhere on your calendar to generate multiple time slots. Create a link, share your proposed times, and you're done! The meeting will get booked automatically once the recipient picks a time that works for them.

Other Updates

  • Floating feedback icon in Magic Panel on Web (we want your feedback!
  • Minor improvements to contrast in Dark Mode
  • Proposed times are grouped by day in the side panel on Create 
  • Proposed time slots are highlighted in the grid when selected 
  • Conflicts are highlighted in Nook Calendar if the proposal receiver is a Nook user
  • Name and email will auto-populate if the proposal receiver is a Nook Calendar user
April 14th, 2022
Feature Update: Share Availability

Finding a time to meet can be hard. Things only get worse once you try and set up a time to chat with someone outside of your organization. That's why we created our new meeting proposal feature. With Proposal, it's easier to propose meeting times and share your availability with someone outside of your organization.

April 4th, 2022
Feature Update: The Pulse

The Pulse is the heartbeat of your organization. Think of it as the main activity feed for the people you follow in Nook Calendar, helping you plan your time together (or apart) by giving you insights into recent bookings and where your team plans to work each day of the week.

With The Pulse, we supplement your existing calendar event details with timely notifications and history, ensuring you and your team never miss a beat.

March 31st, 2022
Feature Update: Availability Highlights

It’s now easier than ever to find a time to meet with your team members. Select who you want to schedule a meeting with from the People Bar to see when everyone is available. Once a time is selected, we automatically add everyone to the event—just give it a title, and you’re done.

March 28th, 2022
Feature Update: The Donut

Our logo kind of looks like a donut. We like donuts. So, for months, we’ve been calling it “the Donut.” But unlike a donut, it’ll actually speed up and provide clarity throughout your day.

Tap the Donut on mobile to start quick actions, like creating a share availability link or event, and seeing what’s next on your calendar.

March 25th, 2022
Feature Update: Zoom Integration

With the rise of remote work, Zoom has become a pervasive part of our lives. Nook Calendar gives you more control with our Zoom integration, which lets you easily select your video conferencing service of choice when scheduling and booking meetings.

March 23rd, 2022
Feature Update: People Bar

We know how important your people are. That's why we put them front and center with Nook's People Bar. Add the people you work with the most to Nook Calendar to quickly view their schedule, confirm availability, and book meetings in seconds.

March 20th, 2022
Feature Update: Multi-account Multi-calendar

Work calendar. Personal calendar. Family calendar. It's a jungle out there when it comes to organizing your schedule! Syncing all your accounts should be a breeze, but usually, it isn't.

With Nook Calendar, you can sync everything in one place and have your availability across multiple calendars taken into account, no matter how many you need to reference when scheduling your workweek. 

We've got you completely covered, whether it's G-Cal or Microsoft Outlook. Planning your day doesn't get any easier.