Think Clearly

We are constantly bombarded with thousands of messages, meeting requests, notifications, documents, and recordings. Our attention is being solicited at every moment of the day, and a mere glance at our schedules makes us cringe. What should be simple is now complex.
Our ability to silence this noise and to think clearly is the genesis of creativity and purpose. And when clarity is expressed, significance is created.

That is why our objective is not to simply build a nicer-looking calendar app.

Our mission is to provide clarity by fundamentally changing how busy professionals and teams invest their attention and energy. More specifically, we want to silence the noise and help professionals and teams direct their attention towards the work that matters and allows them to achieve their goals.
How do we do that? By shifting perspective and looking at the humble calendar through a different lens. One where clarity forms the foundation of the entire Nook Calendar experience:
  • Clarity in what deserves your attention and what does not
  • Clarity in knowing when it is best to meet with colleagues and customers 
  • Clarity by giving you the insights to be better at what you do
The Nook team is on a journey—one where we will strive to bring you clarity, think clearly, and create significance—and we hope you will join us.

Interested in joining the team?

Send us a few bullets to let us know why you share our passion for calendars.
Screenshot of nook calendar's mobile office booking interface