What We've Been up to at Nook Calendar

October has been a busy month for the team at Nook. We have four major features added to our app that we are so excited to introduce to you.

As we approach the beginning of November, the team over at Nook Calendar wanted to highlight some of the exciting new features we’ve brought to our app.

Over the month of October, we’ve shifted our focus to work on key calendar app capabilities that will improve and ease your user experience. After all, we strive to have the most beautiful and minimalist UI of all calendar apps.

October’s enhancements to Nook Calendar include:

  • The new and improved people bar
  • Priority events
  • Ability to set your presence
  • Dark mode

People Bar

When we say we’re the calendar app that puts people first, we really mean it.

Our people bar will become your new coordination superpower allowing you to:

  • Quickly see the in-office or remote status of your closest colleagues right now or in the future as you plan your meetings
  • View your colleagues’ free/busy directly on your calendar to find the best time to meet

Now that your people are covered, in one tap you’ll be able to create and schedule a meeting with the web conferencing method of your choice - Zoom, Google Meet or MS Teams.

There has never been a faster way to use your calendar app to create meetings at the right time, with the people that matter most.

Screenshot of nook calendar's people bar

Priority Events

In a sea of events, we believe that even the most organized worker could use a little help.

Not all events or meetings in your calendar app are equal. And we believe that your calendar should reflect this… so we made it happen.

Nook Calendar now makes it easier than ever to prioritize events. We use an extra pop of colour to make sure your most important events are not overlooked as you review your day.

We know what it’s like to forget about an important meeting that requires dress-up. With priority events, you’ll be able to decide the rules on what’s important in your calendar. From there, we’ve got you covered.

Whether it be a meeting with an important client or a critical sales call, we’ve made it easy to stay on top of your day.

Screenshot of nook calendar's priority events


Don’t be on the outside looking in. We’ve introduced the status bar and have implemented it directly into your calendar - so that you can see it at all times. It’s subtle, but powerful.

Here’s how it works:

  • No bar to the left of an event means that you haven’t yet set your presence
Screenshot of no presence set on an event
  • A light bar to the left of an event means you’re joining remotely
Screenshot of remote presence
  • A dark bar to the left of an event means you’re joining in person
Screenshot of in person presence

The best part? When you click on the event, you can see where everyone else plans to attend the meeting from. Then, you’ll have the ability to update your presence as you see fit. Set the tone or follow the crowd - use Nook calendar to help you decide where you want to work for the day or how you want to join a meeting.

Screenshot of in person or remote presence on nook calendar

Dark Mode

Welcome to the dark side!

We’ve added a new personal preference setting to give you full control of how you see things on Nook. Always light, always dark or follow the sun - it is completely up to you. We want our calendar app to be your best friend, and in order to do that, we wanted to make sure that you always have a crisp, clean and highly visible view of your day.

In dark mode, Nook Calendar uses a darker colour scheme for everything you see in the app. It’s easy on the eyes and we hope our dark mode fanatics enjoy it.

Screenshot of nook calendar's dark mode

Up Next

  • Multi-calendar support
  • Calendar following
  • Automatic bookings

While enhancing your user experience, we’ve also been developing a plan that we think you’ll appreciate. Stay tuned for next month’s update. We can’t wait!


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