Use Zoom on Nook

Screenshot of making a booking in nook calendar with zoom

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Connecting Zoom to Nook Calendar

  • Get started by downloading Nook on your mobile device
  • Create a Nook account
  • Sync your calendar with Nook
  • From the settings menu, access 'Calendar'
  • Select 'Integrate Zoom'
  • Authenticate with your Zoom credentials
  • Select your default conference service setup for meeting creation: "generate a unique Zoom link", "use my personal Zoom link or use calendar default provider"
  • You can over-ride the default when you create a meeting event.​​

With Nook for Zoom you can:

  • Automatically generate dynamic video conferencing links when creating meetings scheduled by Nook
  • Use your Personal Meeting ID when creating meetings scheduled on Nook

Disconnecting Zoom from Nook

  • Log in to Nook Calendar
  • From the settings menu,  access 'Calendar'
  • Press the 'x' to remove Zoom
  • Select 'Remove' to confirm the removal of your Zoom account
  • You can add back an integration to Zoom at any time

Uninstalling the Nook Add-On

  1. Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace
  2. Click 'Manage' > 'Installed Apps' or search for the Nook Calendar app
  3. Click the Nook Calendar app
  4. Click Uninstall

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