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Our mission is to not only build a better-looking calendar app, but one that will help your team reclaim their attention.

Nook Calendar is a calendar app that helps individuals and high-performing teams spend less time coordinating their workdays, so they can focus on what matters.
How do we do that? By harnessing information on your past, present, and future events, simplifying meeting scheduling, and giving you insights on where your colleagues plan to work each week and what’s on their calendar, so you can own your time—all from a single app that easily adapts to how you work, whether it’s hybrid, remote, flexible, or asynchronous.
Founded in 2021, Nook Technlogies, Inc., is a proud member of the Ottawa/Gatineau region’s burgeoning tech community, and is used by employees at Shopify, Noibu, Rewind, WorkForce Software, and Grindr, among many others, for managing their time.
Marc Gingras
Co-Founder | Chairman of the Board
Chadwick Carlson
Co-Founder | Director of Product
Rian Roberston
Co-Founder | Builder
Jean-Philippe Lespinasse
Co-Founder | Lead Software Architect
With Nook Calendar, users can:
  • Propose meeting times and avoid back-and-forth emails by easily sharing availability with people outside of their organizations
  • Make customizable and personalized booking pages with their available dates and times to meet
  • Create meetings and events with team members in just a few taps
  • Set and view work locations and know when colleagues plan to go into the office
  • Sync all their calendars to prevent double bookings and know what’s on their schedule from a single view
Nook Calendar works with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.
Nook Calendar works with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and integrates with leading video conferencing platforms
Jeff Bonforte
The perfect solution for consolidating all of my calendars and scheduling meetings with remote teams and customers. It truly removes the headache from calendars.
Kailin Noivo
Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer
My calendar used to stress me out. I spent hours each week just scheduling and organizing meetings. Nook Calendar makes coordinating my schedule easier.
Code Cubitt
Managing Director
Other calendar apps essentially mimic Apple and Google Calendar’s UIs. Nook Calendar is different—it actually takes the hassle out of scheduling and managing my time at work.
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