November at a Glance — Nook Calendar

We're excited to update our network on the features we've brought to Nook Calendar over the last month!

Another month, another feature update post for Nook. 

If you haven’t already noticed them, we’re super excited to tell you about the updates we’ve made to Nook Calendar over the past month. Lots has happened and there’s lots more to come. As always, please feel free to reach out to us anytime with questions, feedback or feature requests — we’re building Nook Calendar for you and love hearing your ideas.

November’s enhancements to Nook Calendar include:

  • Schedule meetings in a flash with quick meetings
  • Stay in the loop with location awareness
  • Ability to connect multiple accounts and multiple calendars

Quick Meetings

Time-blocking, scheduling a one-on-one or a quick team sync-up shouldn’t take 10 steps. So we’ve reduced it to one. We’ve made it super simple and fast to schedule those meetings with the people who matter most. This can be done directly from the calendar grid by leveraging the people bar. Pick your time, pick your people and boom, you’re all set. 

Location Awareness

Ever wonder where the person you’re booking a meeting with is working that day? Realized as you join that meeting that everyone is in the office except for you? You really shouldn’t be left wondering.

We can help. We’ve added location awareness to the people bar. As you’re creating your meetings it’ll be clear to see where people will be in advance. No more missed opportunities for some IRL time together.

Haven't been able to try Nook yet? Download our app for free today.

Multi-Account and Multi-Calendar

You can now use multiple calendars in tandem — whether that’s Microsoft, Google or both. One account with ten calendars? Ten accounts with one calendar each? Bring it on, we’ve got you covered. 

We know everybody manages their time differently — often in different calendars across different services. For example, I have one calendar for work and one for my personal life. Now I can see them both at the same time, directly in Nook Calendar. In November, we added the ability to quickly and easily add all of your calendars to Nook. Flex work means our professional and personal lives are more intertwined than ever. So, we hope this update prevents you from double booking or struggling to balance multiple calendars.

Screenshot of Nook Calendar's multi-account and multi-calendar feature

Coming Up Next

  • Zoom integration
  • Calendar following

We hope you’re as excited as we are. Catch you next month!


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