Imagine a world where everyone can work anytime, anywhere, be extremely productive, and always feel connected with their team members, whether they are in the office or at home or elsewhere.

We did.

About Us

At Nook, we’re championing your work week like never before - keeping everyone coordinated and happy in the new world we live in. We’re the former Tungle team (acquired by Blackberry in 2011) and we’re ecstatic to announce the launch of our People First calendar application, Nook. 


The way you work may have changed, but your priorities haven’t. Nook is here to help you quickly navigate new territory ensuring everyone is getting the most out of their day. 


Meet The Team

Meet some of the people behind the scenes at Nook


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Jean-Philippe Lespinasse

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Are you a developer looking for your next challenge? Interested in joining our founding dev team?


This is not like other jobs you’ve had before. We’re doing things very differently at Nook, and we are looking for our next team member to help us on our mission: to accelerate the world’s transition to a hybrid work culture.

Here’s what we don’t want: drama, politics or someone who needs to be micromanaged.

We’re a lean team that trusts each other to do the right thing and get the work done. At Nook we live by our core values: Transparency. Empathy. Trust. Integrity. We rely on each other day in and day we’re very picky about who we let in.

If you have the right skills (per below) and the right attitude (per above) then we want to hear from you. Rather than a laundry list of skills, we'll keep it high level. We're looking for frontend, backend and full-stack developers.

Frontend should have knowledge of React and/or React Native.

Backend should have knowledge of modelling data in databases like MongoDB or Postgres, Typescript and/or Javascript and running Node.js.

The Nook team can't wait to hear from you!


Latest News


September 23, 2021